About Masterwort

One of our passions is to introduce the artisans products, and those very delicate well made products with less industrial finishing.  We have been working with stationery brands mostly from Europe. 
One of our most important missions is to share the unique knowledge of each brand based on their history, craftsmanship. and our own personal experience with the writing community. Like the symbolic meaning of ‘Masterwort’ flower, strong and brave,  We hope the brands we are collaborating with will gain strong adaptability in China and be rooted in the local market here.

Masterwort began as a team of stationery enthusiasts and professionals based in Shanghai and Hangzhou in 2016. Hangzhou is where the beautiful Westernlocated, the place often gathered with artists from all over the country, and Shanghai is one of the prominent trading centers in China. 

Art in your hands

We live in a time of fast changes. Times of technological innovations, machine learning and smart solutions. But we also live in times of realizing how important it is to not just innovate but to cherish and preserve authentic artistic values and traditional craft. Time when true master artisans are both vanishing and also are highly demanded and appreciated. We are honored that thanks to our partners we can bring true artisan art to your hands.


We are carefully selecting high quality stationery brands with a long history and great artistic and crafting value. Most brands we represent are small family owned artisan factories where the values, passion for tradition and crafting skills are handed from father to son.


Gioia Pen Italia produces fountain pens, rollerballs and ballpoint pens with rigorous quality controls, hand-turned from bars full of resins produced in Italy, ebonite, celluloid etc., with the aid of mechanisms, nibs and refills recognized throughout the world. Finally, in 2020, Gioia Pen Italia has decided to get the attention of the whole world.

Maiora and Delta

Maiora , a team created by specialized skills and by the incredible imprint of over 40 years of experience in the field of valuable writing instruments. The absolute respect of the authentic made in Italy.

Le Monde Poétique

A small team making traditional and contemporary leather and silk-bounded journals with unique designs.

Le monde Poetique from design to production are original hand crafted product 100% hand-made in Italy.

Masterwort is an exclusive distributor of these beautiful journals in China.

Waldmann Pen

Noble handicraft from Master Hands.

For 100 years Waldmann have been manufacturing high-quality writing instruments

from 925 solid sterling silver.Worldwide patents have been granted to Waldmannwriting instruments for special rotary mechanisms with2 and 4 colour writing instruments. The first award forthis masterpiece took place in 1937 at the Paris WorldExhibition, when Waldmann was awarded a silver medalfor a 4-colour mechanical pencil.

Toms Studio

The idea for Tom’s business came from watching his wife Gemma use a plastic mass-produced calligraphy pen which he felt didn’t match the quality of her beautiful work.  With his background in furniture and product design which he studied at university and his experience of working in a blacksmith’s forge, he decided to make her a better pen that she would love using every day


Since 1955 Kartos has been distinguished by the quality of its products,  which are characterized by a harmonious combination of art, tradition and contemporaneity, and with a product-line ranging from decorative cards with powdered gold to writing cards, announcements, greeting cards, parchment paper and small accessories.